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The need for sustainable business development grows each year. Most modern organizations are aware that shareholders are interested in the long term impact that a business will have on the Earth. Sustainability is quite a popular buzzword across verticals of all size and market cap. This is why planning ahead for green and sustainable services is important for your organization.

What is energy audit training? 

Energy audit training is a type of educational program that will qualify members of your staff to understand energy audits. Energy audits factor for the use of natural resources at a company. Having LEED certification, for example, is important to most companies these days. LEED certification lets the public know that you take sustainability seriously, and that the structures and facilities you use are constructed with a commitment to sustainability. 

Furthermore, going for energy audit training will qualify graduates of these programs to protect the company against environmental audit backlash. Environmental audit groups exist at the local, state, regional and federal levels. There are even global groups these days that provide environmental audits to ensure that your company is playing by green rules. 

How much does energy audit training cost?

The cost of energy audit training is unique to each organization seeking this form of training. Timing is an essential issue that will affect the cost of your audit training. Educating a member of your staff to ensure the green viability, or likelihood that your company is considered sustainable, will depend on your market size and share, the age of your company, the industry you are in and how many members of your staff you intend on training for energy audits.

The most practical plan is to train as many members of your staff at a time as you intend on having certified to provide energy audits. Rather than send employees individually through these programs and paying full price for each enrollment, you may qualify for group rate of several members of your staff go through training module for energy audits simultaneously. 

How can I tell if energy audit training was worth the cost?

It will be apparent right away that having an energy auditor on your staff is worth the cost when more green partners show up at your door. One of the most consistent demands of the modern marketplace is a commitment to sustainability. While you will not be able to externally audit your own energy use, and internal energy auditor at your company can protect you against the backlash of poor marks during an external audit.

Your internal auditor can verify that you do not waste natural resources, including water and energy, that your recycling programs are sound and that you have an effective waste management program.

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Robert Seitzinger is a copywriter for Inline Builders, a Bend Oregon green construction business dedicated to sustainability.


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