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Phone marketing is a useful tool for growing your business, but you need to work out how to make less calls and more sales in order for it to be really effective. The best way to do this is to break the calls down so that they follow a set pattern. Look at the way that your phone marketing calls are made now and see where you can tighten up the dialogue, make the calls more pertinent and make the style of the call more appealing to the prospective client on the other end of the line. The more successful your phone marketing programme becomes the happier you and your marketing staff are going to be. Look at the different areas of the call that you can evaluate for effectiveness and make adjustments where necessary.

Areas You Should Evaluate

The areas that you need to look at include the scripting of the call, the presentation style of the call and whether or not the calls that are being made for your business meet the objectives that they are meant to. Having the right script for your call will directly influence the amount of conversions that are made from cold calling. Plus if the call is scripted you can make sure that all of the objectives of the call are covered within the script. The most important aspects that the script should focus on are the benefits to the potential customer of signing up/purchasing or agreeing to what you are offering.

You need to get the potential clients engaged in the conversation and interested in what you are offering them, so make sure that there is a question directed at them at the end of the calls introduction. A phone marketer only has around thirty seconds in which to engage the person that they have called. The way to keep them on the phone and keep them listening is to make a benefit statement that appeals to them. Everyone wants to know what is in it for them when they agree to something, so make sure that the person you are calling is aware of what they stand to gain. Have the call scripts written out and speak them through, rehearse them so that you know that they have the right tone to them.

Getting the Presentation Right

When making a cold call it is crucial that the presentation hits the right note. One of the most common mistakes that phone marketers make is that they talk far too fast and the person on the end of the line has difficulty understanding what is being said – they miss the name of the company that is calling them and often just end the call. Make sure that the script is spoken at what is considered to be the normal rate of speech. No one likes to be rushed and it will make your potential client feel as though they are being pressured into making a decision that they do not want to make. The marketers voice needs to sound natural, carry emotion and have lots of inflection, otherwise the person who receives that call will feel as though you are just another generic telemarketer working though a list of numbers, leaving them feeling like just another number on your list, and there will be no sale.

Mark Adams is an expert author on all things B2B marketing – he regularly visits Sure2Door for all the latest information and tips. 


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