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Businesses of all sizes are looking for ways to increase efficiency and improve customer relations by getting better value for their business phone service.  The average company spends more money than is necessary for conventional telephone systems compared to a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP Phone System.

Many businesses pay separately for each component – business phones, mobile devices, and Internet service. Companies have an array of services they need to manage, including disparate voice and data networks. Each month, firms receive multiple invoices from different service providers.

Employees must navigate through a labyrinth of platforms, channels, and business applications. Ultimately, this maze of communication affects the ability to deliver seamless customer service.

Voice over Internet Protocol

Voice over Internet Protocol refers to using the Internet to handle voice communications, instead of sending calls over the traditional telephone network. The technology combines voice and data centers. You have access to all types of telecommunication services assimilated within a single network. As more business owners become familiar with the process of routing their communication over the Web, they are moving to replace their legacy phone systems in favor of a unified telecommunication solution.

Better efficiency, the complexity of PBX systems, and customer demands for better service drive more businesses to take consider the advantage of the feature-rich Voice over Internet Protocol. A one-stop telecommunication system saves times and resources. Employees spend less time navigating an assortment of telecommunication devices and more time servicing customers.

Assessing the Benefits

The Voice over Internet Protocol offer several benefits that will help firm maximize their resources:

  • Scalability – add new phones and extensions to the system as needed. Eliminates the need to install new lines and waiting for installation services.
  • Value – Save a significant amount of money by eliminating line cost, maintenance, and other exorbitant fees. Eliminate service contracts.
  • Flexible Up-to- Date Technology– No need to purchase the latest technology and be concerned about system compatibility. Connect remote workers and branch locations to the same system for free calls and call transfers.
  • Latest Features and Functionality – Same functionality as with PBX systems, including auto attendant, on hold music, fax2email voicemail2email, and other features.

Other benefits include low maintenance cost and a secured network. You have full control of the system, including creating call groups, changing voice mail, creating/deleting extensions, and modifying call routing. You can monitor and analyze employees’ use of the system, call routing, and other revealing call patterns.


As competition with global firm become more challenging, small business owners need to match the service and capabilities offered by larger companies. A VoIP phone system offers companies the ability to deliver timely, outstanding customer service at a lower cost.

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