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You might think that you don’t have any discernible talents. You make a painting by numbers look like a Picasso and your singing voice has been known to cause bleeding of the ears. So how are you supposed to make your mark on the world?

Coming up with a radical new invention, business or social networking site for example isn’t as tricky as it looks. Even if you are a few tomatoes short of a salad, you can still dig deep into the recesses of your imagination and perhaps become the pioneer of the ‘next big thing’.

Problem Solve to the Extreme

Could you invent the next wheel or the new sliced bread? Inventions are often the product of problem solving and in order to move forwards you have to first think backwards. Cast your mind over any problems big or small that you encounter throughout the day and think of creative ways to solve them. Can you make everyday tasks quicker and simpler? What do you find most time consuming and stressful?

You can also observe friends and family to see how they cope with certain tasks and what they find most difficult. You might not have an instant light bulb moment but by getting those creative cogs moving, you will open your mind to inspiration. 

Make Room to Brainstorm

Once you have that little nugget of an idea you need to shape it, think it through and turn it into something great. Create a dedicated space; call it the invention space if you like, where you can concentrate fully on developing your master plan. You will need to invest in some inventor’s tools such as a lab coat, glasses, Einstein poster, weighing scales and clipboard in order to facilitate the thinking process. Whiteboards are also exceptionally handy when it comes to making plans, drawing impressive looking charts and sketching prototypes. They help you to get the ideas that are in your head down on to paper…or board.

Find a Few Guinea Pigs

It’s not recommended that you test an invention on an actual guinea pig, especially if the product is of the culinary variety. However, it is vital to put your ideas to the test and envisage how they could work. Research similar ideas to yours and find out how they came into fruition and how they were received, and then take the plunge and create a prototype, website or business plan.

Feel free to use family and friends as test subjects but remember that your Mum will love your invention whether it’s a cure for a disease or a plasticine tree. To become a success you probably need a slightly more objective opinion, so it’s best to unleash your ideas upon the unbiased and highly critical cyber world. You can do this by posting on Internet forums and conducting a little online market research with your target audience in mind. If you’re too scared of someone stealing your unique and radical plan, make Mum promise to give you her absolute honest opinion.

Market Yourself

Once you have your amazing life changing invention or idea you must get it into the outside world in the most effective way possible. Put as much effort into your marketing plan as you do into the actual creation to ensure that it reaches and convinces as many people as possible. Whether you have to stand in the street and pester grumpy shoppers, create a viral video or shamelessly advertise on every blog, forum and social networking site your aim is to sell yourself and your idea!

Jann Webb is a blogger who has a keen interest in start-up businesses and new ideas. She believes that whiteboards and group sessions are both essential parts of a business meeting if you are looking to come up with exciting ways to promote your new product or advertise your brand.


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