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By some estimates a typical working professional goes through at least three changes in his career. This estimate does not include the number of jobs a person may change. Compared to a few decades ago, the economy is a lot more volatile now than it was before. Technology that is developed in some corner of the world immediately makes some skills obsolete, taking away so many jobs with it. On the plus side, that same technology creates new opportunities.

For good or bad, very few can actually see the change coming before it happens. Some see it years before something happens while some see it late. Irrespective when you saw the industry in which you work changing, you will have to move along with the times. This moving along to ensure employability is career transition.

You hear transition, you immediately think of associated items like culture change, starting fresh, new skills developing. All this is good, but there are also a few things you want to remember before embarking on a career transition. Transitions can go good or bad and if you work hard enough, you could have one of those smooth career transitions. From a long term perspective, seeing how all of us would be doing more than just one career transition, for confidence sake, it is better that the first transition goes spotless.

Don’t Depend On Luck

We are discussing career transition and don’t be stumped by seeing the word luck here. A lot of times, career transition just happens way too smoothly for some people. You could be one of those lucky folks. You are in a good job in a particular industry and you realise that it is going down. You know a friend in another industry and he refers you for a job and you have successfully completed your career transition.

Such a situation can be considered lucky, but luck only comes once or zero times for many people. If you were lucky once, that is good, but not good from a long term perspective. There are folks whose daily tagline is, something will always come up. Many a times, this belief will give up and it is a risky road to take. So, no matter how great you are at your current job, always be ready with a career transition plan.

You never know when you will need such a plan. We cannot tell you when you might need to use this career transition plan. We don’t have a guess about what time you will need to execute this, but we can assure with a great amount of certainty that you will need it for sure. That much is a fact.

Engage A Career Planner

There are two ways of going about building your career plan. You can do it yourself or you can get some professional help. There are some pros and cons of either of the two approaches.

If you decide to do it yourself, then the good part is that you know about yourself in a way no one else can possibly understand. There is no ideal way of measuring a person’s skill and hence his true potential. Others might try to evaluate on some scale while you yourself, will know what you are truly capable of. This way, you would have a pretty good idea as to what you should do next, which company and industry you want to move on to. It should work out great, in most cases.

What is lacking though in going at it on your own is the lack of outside knowledge. With a professional career expert, you are getting an outside perspective. You are an expert, but that knowledge is limited to your company. The career transition person would be an expert in a wide array of industries.

Taking Advice

That outside perspective, you may try to get by reading weeklies and business magazines. However, that knowledge can never match with that of a professional career manager whose business is to help people go from one type of job to another.

Previously we discussed about how you should make the transition at the right time. The folks who take the call at the most beneficial moment, make the smoothest of transitions. How successful you are in this endeavour is dependent on a variety of factors. One factor that can seriously boost your chances of making this simple, is the career advice manager.

These guys know what they are doing and have been doing for years. They always have a hunch as to which job market is booming and why. You could really use this expertise.

The author has to make a couple of career transitions before becoming an author. He would always vouch for the career advice he had received from career transition managers.


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