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Fighting Forgery With Secure ID Systems

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Forgery is a growing problem for businesses and organizations of every type. Whether it is a members only store or a private country club, the use of forged IDs can result in unauthorized individuals gaining access to the facility and its benefits. Not only can this result in increased business expenses, it can also result in a loss of reputation due to the use of forged ID cards. Because of this, developing secure ID systems is a growing priority for many businesses. Fortunately, ID card printers can provide an excellent method to prevent the use of counterfeit IDs.

Examples of ID and Gift Card Forgeries

ID and gift card forgeries are a growing problem in the United States. In 2012, authorities broke up a multi-state counterfeit gift card operation that cost a number of major retailers over $13 million. The Economist, in an August 11, 2012 article, estimated that online vendors that will provide forged IDs for anyone with the money have made it easier than ever to obtain forged ID cards. Because of this, every business must prepare to deal with the challenge of forged ID cards.

The Benefits of On-Site ID Card Printers

On-site ID card printers can dramatically improve the security of the facility’s ID cards. In addition, printing ID cards at the site can also provide a more convenient experience for the customers and employees alike. This is especially important for businesses or organizations that work with a large number of customers.

Printing ID Cards at the Business

One of the most common methods of obtaining a forged ID card is to obtain a card from an off-site printer. In some cases, dishonest employees may actually provide cards that are identical to legitimate cards. By printing all of the ID cards at the business location, the management can ensure that there are no opportunities for outside individuals to gain access to the printer or any other identifying information.

Printing Cards as Needed

Another source of counterfeit or stolen ID cards is unused inventory. However, by printing the ID cards on an as needed basis, the business can ensure that every card is issued to a legitimate guest. This can be especially important for businesses that issue day passes, such as amusement parks or clubs. By printing unique identifying marks on the card, such as the recipient’s name, it becomes impossible for unauthorized individuals to make use of a discarded or stolen ID card.

Using Electronic ID Cards to Eliminate Forgery

In addition, on-site printers can assist a business in using magnetic stripe or RFID enabled cards to further reduce the danger of forged ID cards. In both cases, unique information can be encoded at the printer, making it impossible to pass off a visually similar badge as a legitimate ID card. In addition, RFID cards can be read remotely, allowing the owner to verify the card without inconveniencing his or her customers. This can be especially important in businesses where maintaining the unobstructed flow of customers is a management goal.

Although forgery is a concern to all types of businesses, adopting an on-site ID card printing model can drastically improve a company’s security. In addition to the security benefits, location based ID card printing can dramatically improve customer satisfaction and reduce the company’s operating costs. For this reason, adopting on-site ID printers should be a priority for all companies that are seeking to reduce their vulnerability to counterfeit IDs.

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Michael Gardner is a Sales Representative at CardPrinter.com, a company specializing in identification products including a wide selection of id card design software to create professional and secure ID badges. 


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