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Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you spend more of your life in the office than at home. With this in mind, it is important to make sure your work place environment works for you. How can you ensure the office enhances productivity rather than stifling it? By making it as comfortable and aesthetically appealing as possible whilst maintaining a professional atmosphere. And by taking a look at these suggestions… 

Think ergonomically: ‘Ergonomic’ is a concept that basically means to make yourself comfortable and stress free. Little things can make office life so much more comfortable and would not be unreasonable to request.

Must have items include: A comfy chair with good back support, wrist supports for those who use keyboards all day, foot rests and adjustable keyboard drawers. Headsets are also important for those who frequently use the phone. Also, your computer monitor should also be positioned slightly below eye level to prevent neck and shoulder strain.

Sort out the desk: A cluttered desk may leave you feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. Get a couple of paper trays and spend a little time tidying your work space once in a while. A reduction of distracting clutter has been shown to increase productivity.

Partitions offer an effective way of dividing up the workplace to those who need their own space. These space dividers can create your own workspace, while not cutting you entirely off from everyone else. They reduce sound interference and, depending on office rules, you may even be allowed to personalise them or pin reminders up. It is a low cost way of creating your own interesting, and still communal, space in the office.

Whiteboards: not just a practical way of organising your to do list. Whiteboards offer an opportunity for colleagues to work together and show a little team spirit. You can also leave staff messages of the practical and humorous variety (might want to check with the boss first though!). 

Art work: This may be a matter of company policy but art work can be soothing, pleasing to the eye and can brighten up the office, improving moods and efficiency.

Lamps for individual work stations are a healthier alternative than sterile, unflattering (often headache inducing) fluorescents. Again, this may be a case of company policy, but soft lights can give your eyes a break, soften lighting and illuminate the office in an aesthetically appealing manner.

Indoor office plants are said to increase productivity in workers, reduce stress and even improve air quality. Of course, plants also brighten up the office and offer us a reminder of the outside world – something which may be hard to recall when you have been working nine to five! Welcome a little nature back into your world!

It’s not too difficult to create a professional, functional and comfortable space conductive to productivity. See if you can make a difference today. 

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Laura Stone is a graduate with a BA Honours degree in English and Journalism. She has a slight addiction to blogging and specialises in writing literary reviews. She is keenly interested in interior landscaping and recommends Ambius.


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