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In this very busy world that we live in, who has the time to go through each and every mail or email that arrives every day?Whether you are trying to get the attention of your clients, your boss, an investor or anyone who is extremely busy, here are a few tips to make them stop what they’re doing and read your mail. 

You had me at hello?

Or even before that. Don’t wait until your opening phrase to get their attention. Take advantage of the subject line. Be descriptive, precise and to the point. For example, you need to set up a meeting with an investor that you met through a friend at an expo. Say, “Meeting to discuss phase 2 of eCommerce business that was discussed at Expo with Matt Cane”. Remember that these kinds of people meet different kinds of people too especially when they are out on conventions, expos, seminars, etc. If you remind them exactly how you met or who referred you to them, then you can get his attention. On your first paragraph, remind him of what you discussed during the expo. He might have already forgotten about it because it was already lost in a sea of discussion with other people after you. 

The same goes with snail mail. Don’t leave your envelope blank. If there is $100 worth of coupons inside, say it on your envelope. Use a franking machine to print customized messages. If the recipient of the letter is a regular customer, he or she will appreciate the heads up about the coupons. She might have ditched your letter in the trash without opening it had you not printed a message on the envelope. 

Limit your sentences

Often, the best mails are the shortest ones. Why?Because they are easy to digest and easy to reply to. If you ask a question, the recipient can easily answer you back because he or she still has the time to. Youdid not waste his time reading through several paragraphs that are not really important and related to your question. Five sentences is the ideal length. Remember that these people are also always on the go so they probably read their emails through their phones or tablets. Replying to a long email is very frustrating when using a mobile device. Save the longer discussion for later when you meet in person.

Be direct

What is it you want from this person? Is it a meeting, a chance for a sales pitch, an introduction, etc? Just go and ask. Don’t beat around the bush. Nowadays, people appreciate simplified versions of asking for something. Don’t be shy in asking directly. If you make a one hundred word introduction about what you are asking for, the recipient may just think that you are wasting his precious time. He will appreciate it more if you just cut to chase and tell him exactly what you want.

Remember to simplify your mails. You are doing yourself and your recipient a favor. You only have 20 seconds to make him or her decide to open your mail so take advantage of that time frame. Don’t be offended if he has forgotten you or if he ignores your mail. That’s normal for people who are extremely busy. If you were in their shoes,what would make you read your mail? Start with that and make them read your letter!

Hi, my name is Carl Slim and I am a blogger. I blog about any topic that interests me. My website answers frequently asked questions about franking such as “how much does a franking machine cost“.


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