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internship letters of recommendation

internship letters of recommendation

Hi, this is Mat Bussler for, and
today we’re going to talk about

how to get internship letters of recommendation


Who Should Write an internship letters of recommendation?

You’ve finished your internship and you
have a lot of great experience under your
belt. Now it’s time to put that to work by
asking for references.

Talk to the person
who was in charge of your internship
program during the time you were there. It
is completely acceptable to ask them to
write you a reference letter, discussing your
duties, qualifications, and quality of work. It
will work even better if you have a specific
job in mind.

You can ask your supervisor if
you can list them on your resume, as well.
Be prepared ahead of time if your reference
needs further information on your abilities.
A concise list of your learned skills should be
ready if requested.
Mentors and other trusted advisors are also
a great source of references, especially if
there’s one that’s been especially helpful or
with whom you’ve bonded.

An advantage
with this is that these people tend to be
most familiar with your skills and
accomplishments, and can really vouch for

When is a Good Opportunity to Ask for an
internship letters of recommendation?

Do be careful, though. If you had a great
experience at your internship, factor in
whether you were being groomed there for
a full-time assignment. You don’t want to
throw away a job opportunity by
inadvertently insulting someone.

Make sure
your potential reference knows you’re
keeping all your options open.
Be sure that you don’t ask for references at
a bad time. Don’t ask at the last minute. You
want to have that reference letter ready at
the end of your internship so you can hit the
ground running.

A couple of weeks before
the internship ends is a good rule-of-thumb.
It gives you enough lead time, and time to
follow-up without rushing anyone.
And be sure to always thank your reference
for the time they took. It’s polite, and it’ll
help keep you in mind for any future
projects you’d be perfect for.

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