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Proven Methods Of B2B Sales Lead Generation

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By including sales driving techniques into your programs for lead generation you can be sure that you are not leaving anything to chance when it comes to converting your leads into sales. All of that time and money that you spend on generating new leads needs to be as effective as possible, so make sure that you are also including methods of sale driving into your programmes so that none of your new leads slip through the cracks and go cold.

Relationship Marketing

All of the lead generation techniques that you employ are aimed at establishing a relationship with a client; it is the underpinning reason for all that you do. You are aiming to cultivate a prosperous relationship by maintaining a good level of clear communication with those leads and clients already in your database. In doing so you can aim to be their first choice when it comes to committing to buy and hopefully steal the sale out from under the competitors’ noses.

Partnership Referrals

By teaming your business with that of another non-direct competitor you can widen your pool of lead generation and can encourage new leads that can be mutually beneficial to both businesses. This type of lead generation has been proven time and time again to be the best way of generating top quality leads and ultimately sales.

Internet Marketing and SEO

Buyers are becoming harder to reach, many are doing all of their buying research over the internet and limiting the amount of contact that they have with representatives. This is why it is incredibly important to ensure that your company website is thoroughly optimised, if not it could mean that you are missing out on some valuable business opportunities.


It may not be the kind of marketing that people like being on the receiving end of, but when it is carried out correctly telemarketing can be a powerful sales lead generation tool. It is also a very cost effective method of marketing as it can link you directly with the people in your targeted business that are the ones responsible for making all of the purchasing decisions, giving you a much better average for success than standard field marketing techniques.

Email Publications

Look into designing and publishing your own company newsletter that is targeted towards all of the individuals and businesses on your mailing database. Fill it full of useful information and include hints and tips that your audience will find useful. A regular newsletter will keep your business name in the minds of your audience, meaning that yours will most likely be the company that they turn to when they need something.

Direct Mailing

There are a number of businesses that conduct all of their marketing through B2B direct mailing, as it can be a great way to generate sales. Sadly not all businesses know how to make this system work for them well enough to use it as their main form of lead generation. To make it work you have to understand your target audience and tailor your mailshots to meet their needs. 

Mark Adams is an expert author on all aspects of B2B marketing – Mark regularly visits Sure2Door.co.uk for more information on all aspects of B2B. 


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