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One of the most difficult things to do, especially for fresh university graduates, is writing an impressive resume. Coming up with suitable words to describe your skills and appeal to the panel or interviewers is undoubtedly arduous, and the ultra-competitive landscape in today’s society isn’t of any help. Pore over the following typescript and get acquainted with the top 7 treacherous and unusual resume mistakes that you should avoid if you want to grab the attention of potential employers.

Unusual Resume Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Mistake #1: False information

Though many companies don’t verify the legitimacy of the information provided in resumes, you should never think of providing false information. Make sure that everything you indicate in your resume depicts the person who you really are. In addition to that, don’t use unusual date formats and make sure that the dates don’t overlap. Overlapping dates can raise suspicions.

Mistake #2: Don’t Overdo

Resumes should contain compelling content but this doesn’t mean that you use flattering words. Use short sentences and always go straight to the point. Long sentences full of adjectives can be boring and thus unnecessary for a resume. In addition to that, don’t use non-traditional fonts such as calligraphy and make sure that your expressions are relevant to the post you’re applying for.

Mistake #3: References

Using your family and friends as references is a very big resume mistake. Instead, include your seniors like a professor in a reputed educational institution you attended or your former employer . Again, don’t mention bosses who fired you as references. Chances are they won’t have anything positive to say about you.

Mistake #4: Curriculum Vitae

The internet is full of bugs, worms and computer viruses that can easily destroy your attachments. Therefore, avoid submitting your curriculum vitae as an attachment. Instead, paste the text directly on the email, and send it as part of the email. However, some organizations might require you to attach your CV and other supporting documents. In such cases, you need to follow the instructions but make sure that your computer is protected with an anti-virus program.

Mistake #5: Sincerity

As mentioned above, don’t lie. However don’t include information that can sabotage and ruin your chances. In other words, don’t be too sincere. Additionally, never mention why you left your former employment unless asked. In addition to that, don’t indicate your low grades. Put more emphasis on your positives and achievements that you’re proud of.

Mistake #6: Leaving out Information

Your resume represents you in your absence. However, some people have a habit of reserving some important information for interview sessions. Such text might turn the tables in your favor. Therefore, don’t leave out any important information that can give you an upper hand.

Mistake #7: Email Account

Using cutesy email accounts such as “ephystrict” or “sweetflower80″ to send your resume is a habit that should be shunned. In most cases, such an email doesn’t get through the spam or human filters. As such they end up in the trash instead of the account’s inbox. Create an official email account whose address is your official name.

After writing your resume, make sure that you review it severally so as to eliminate common grave mistakes such as wrong spelling and grammar. A flawless resume will definitely reflect an able and professional character.

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Damian Wolf is an online marketing consultant for Metro Resumes AU. He has been a freelance writer and online entrepreneur since 2009.


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