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When an entity is involved in what can be potentially dangerous research, the process of making sure they are up to date on all of their legal accreditations can be more difficult than ever imagined. This is especially true for companies involved with scientific testing, mixing, and so forth. Laboratories that perform testing are often subject to numerous audits to ensure safety and consistency. Therefore, labs strive to achieve ISO 17025 as a system to improve their ability to produce quality results. 

Understanding accreditation, permits and licensing
Accreditation is recognition of demonstration of competence on behalf of a lab. However, this accreditation can be difficult to achieve. In a way, taking care of permit and licensing issues in-house is like self-insuring. Laboratories prepare for the time of year when they need to re-apply for permits and licensing and set aside the necessary resources to do so. This is a practice that many labs and research centers find to be almost impossible or too expensive to complete.
Finding an Outside Company
The other option is insuring with an outside company.  Contact an accreditation body and they will complete the process of getting the lab up to date on licensing and legal issues. Once a company receives an ISO 17025 they are then able to award certificates of calibration to customers. So, not only does the lab gain the competitive advantage of being respected and safe, but also gains the advantage of becoming like an accreditation body.

Getting approved as a safe laboratory
Companies and laboratories are especially prone to failure due to regulations and auditing. A laboratory has two options: prepare the best they can and try to take the loss of resources in stride during an audit, or get a quote from a national accreditation board. Once completed, acknowledgment as an experienced and safe lab, which has consistently shown competency and abided by regulations and safety measures, is granted. Here are a few reasons why a lab should consider choosing this route:

  • No risk
  • Professionals with experience
  • Knowledge of the bureaucracy
  • Time saved
  • Internationally recognized
  • Personable
  • Distinguished achievement

The time saved every year from the regulation process, which will be efficiently spent on running daily operations, will cover the cost of the accreditation board. The respect that goes a long with this achievement will bring in more business because of trust. Trust goes a long way. It will also streamline the regulatory process for your own customers. Companies are becoming accredited every day, giving them the leg up on their competition.

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