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Testing Your Brochure’s Marketing Copy

By: Kimberly Davis

The marketing copy of your color brochures is the crucial content that can make you fail or ultimately succeed in your marketing campaign. No brochure templates can really help you achieve the precise wording and features that makes for a great marketing copy for brochures. You really need to be good and you need to test out your marketing copy to reach the full potential for that content.

In this special article, I will help you to test out your marketing copy for brochures. Listed down below are the main points for testing that you should focus on to get better marketing copy. Just review all this and follow the tips.

• Testing brochure headlines – First up we have your brochure headlines. This is basically what most people will read first, so you better be sure that this is highly visible, interesting and effective. You will want to hook readers into reading your whole brochure with your headline so it is important to really tease them about something that they can benefit from in your custom brochures.

To test your brochure headlines, you should basically brainstorm two to three headlines that you are most interested in. Next, you can then just get some feedback from these headlines by testing it out among your colleagues, friends and family members. You can even test it out at random strangers and just ask for some feedback. Just get the headlines that gets the most votes for your brochures and you should be safe.

• Testing images – You should also of course test the images right with your headlines. The brochure images or the brochure cover layout is where most people get that initial impression about your custom brochures and of course it is what should set your brochures apart from others. So it is important to compose this element correctly and with finesse.

To test this out, the best way is to try to get sample brochures of your competitors and see how they compare to your draft designs. The images on your own custom brochures should be starkly different from those rivals so that you can “pop out” and be remembered by them. Along with an aesthetically pleasing style, this should help you make a great marketing layout for your custom brochures.

• Testing body content layouts – For brochure marketing copy, the content layout is an important feature that you should focus on. In many cases, brochures fail because their content layout is not effective enough to engage and interest readers. Here are the questions that you should ask to test your body content layout.

o Is it easy to read through?

o Are there logical sections that help people easily navigate through the brochure?

o Are there lists, bullet points, captions and references that help people remember and understand the information more?

o Does the layout “lead” to an action?

If you have one “no” answer to the questions above, then you will need to redo your brochure printing content.

• Testing the call to action – Finally, you should test the brochure’s call to action. This is basically the selling point of your color brochures where you invite the reader to buy something, avail of a service or even just contact you or your company. It is important that the section with the call to action is highly noticeable and of course instructive.

The best way to test this is to just ask some people to respond to your brochure. Friends, family and other colleagues should be a great help in this. Just ask them to respond without really giving direct instructions, just tell them to follow the brochure’s statements. If all of them respond the way you wanted to then you are good to go. Otherwise, you will need to work something out.

Great! So what are you waiting for? Test out your color brochures now. There is not time to waste.

Author Resource:->  Kimberly Davis is a fine arts graduate, and now working in brochure templates printing company at Arlington, Texas as a Photoshop Specialist. When not busy editing images she can be found on her laptop promoting brochures online.


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