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Quality Assurance is used to review products, systems and actions within a business, to ensure consistent, top quality results. Where businesses are expanding rapidly it makes sense to employ individuals in quality assurance jobs to ensure all standards are met and kept to. Having a quality assurance system in place can help make your company perform more efficiently and identify and rectify any weaknesses.

Some of the main areas that are focussed on in quality assurance are discussed below and all should be considered when you’re thinking about employing a specialist or putting a system into place. A quality assurance system will be designed to identify areas in your business that don’t meet the specific requirements or specifications of the company. It gives you the chance to carry out a process called scrap reduction which results in savings and can reduce production costs for the company, if you are a product based firm.

Quality assurance and employees

Employing a quality assurance specialist or team can also reduce the amount of inspections and audits your company is put through, as the results will be better each time. Your quality assurance team are separate from your other employees so on a daily basis they’re on hand identifying time-wasting practices and perhaps individuals who need retraining or performance managing. It isn’t all negative however, as once you have a proper quality assurance system your employees’ morale is likely to improve and this means that the need to retrain and performance manage is definitely decreased. Increased morale in your team will reduce other time-wasting issues such as lateness, staff turnover and general absenteeism.

Benefits of quality assurance

Running a more efficient and quality assured company results in increased customer satisfaction, which is of course a key aim of any business. When customers are happier with the service or products they receive there is more chance of picking up repeat business or referrals and recommendations to potentially new customers. Quality assurance equals consistency and reliability which is what customers want and it gives you a great reputation in your chosen industry.

Importance of quality assurance

The importance of quality assurance in the workplace cannot be underestimated. Your company needs to ensure they provide the best quality possible for its own benefit and also for the benefit of all existing and potential customers. Understanding and implementing a system to assure quality is something every business needs to do to get the best results possible.

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