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Without a doubt CRM systems improve a company’s customer services levels and generally contribute to improving time management, profitability and how successful a business is. However, if you have had CRM software installed on your company computers for a while, then there is a good possibility that you and your employees are not using the best CRM practices. This in turn means that your CRM system is being under utilized and not working to its full potential. The following is a list of the top 7 best CRM practices for 2013 to make sure that your company starts the New Year as it means to go on.

  1. The main thing you need to get the best CRM is up-to-date data. It is widely believed that data deteriorates at a rate of 25% each year, which means that if you do not regularly clear out old information then it will be clogging your CRM system and affecting your reports. Divide your customer base between yourself and your employees and have a really good clear out of old information and data.
  2. Even with a well working CRM system many companies are still relying on other programs to create reports. This is definitely not one of the best CRM practices. CRM systems use every scrap of data to create in-depth reports, so make sure that the reports your company are using are those you create through your CRM system.
  3. Talk to the people that use your CRM system on a regular basis and find out what is working and what is not. Ensure that people are comfortable with using the system and arrange refresher training for anyone who needs it so that they all carry out the best CRM practices.
  4. Social networking is a big part of peoples everyday lives whether for personal or business reasons. Use your CRM systems to follow your clients on the various social networks to understand them better and see if you can find a way to use what you find out to sell better.
  5. Despite having CRM systems in place, many companies still waste money will bulk mail shots. One of the best CRM practices to stick to is to allow it to generate marketing related reports and arrange targeted marketing campaigns. This will not only save your company money and time, it will improve the success rate of your promotions as you will be targeting people who are more likely to buy what you are selling.
  6. It is very easy to forget the sheer amount of tasks that a good CRM system can do for you. Look again at what your software is capable of and automate any tedious repetitive tasks that your employees have to carry out. This will free up their time, which can be used on tasks that are more profitable. 

Identify any employees who are not using the CRM system and ask them why. Even if their job means that they do not have to use the system, there may be functions that may help them in their tasks. It is also among the best CRM practices to have every member of staff able to work your CRM system in case they need to help out in another department or want to apply for promotion.

George Davidson have a lot of experience using the best CRM (Melhor CRM is the term in Portuguese) systems and he is happy to share his knowledge with you.


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