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Most businesses could benefit from promotion of some form or another. Whether you use an advertisement to get customers coming in or you use something more affordable like promotional clothing, you can utilise marketing techniques to attract customers to your business. So how does it work and what are a few budget friendly ways to get started?

Consider your Social

Did you know that social is responsible for as much as 25% or more of sales? While not everyone goes on their Facebook or Twitter looking to buy, you can benefit by putting your products or services and your brand out where potential customers can see it. Social sites are great for networking, making offers and sales, as well as finding new customers interested in your business. Best of all, it is completely free to use. Options like Facebook’s new Graph Search allow friends of your followers to find you easily based on what you offer as well, which is free advertisement.

Don’t Forget a T-shirt

It might be an old fashioned promotional technique, but statistics show that promotional clothing really works. Whether you’re giving away shirts, making your employees wear them or are simply selling them, you can utilise promotional clothing to advertise, market and grow your brand. T-shirts, caps, polo shirts and more can all be used as incentives, reminders and rewards for your customers. The best part about promotional clothing is that it only targets local shoppers because for the most part, your clothing will only be worn in the area that you give it away; although some of it could potentially reach the far corners of the globe.

Visit Trade Shows

Trade shows are not available for every type of business but for the most part you can utilise them to network, meet potential customers and get your name out. If you don’t want to go to a trade show or can’t find one focuses on your area, consider getting involved with a local charity or activity. You can likely get away with donating time or products rather than money and you will get free advertising and exposure out of it.

Try Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been considered as one of the best marketing methods because it offers a high turnaround. For this, you will need either a website or an active social site and you will need a plugin for Facebook or your site to accept email addresses. From there, you can utilise a free program like Mailchimp to begin sending out regular emails to your subscribers list. Usually weekly, bi-weekly or monthly are excellent options for keeping customers engaged without spamming their inbox. Alternately, you can consider only sending out email notifications when you have a sale or promotion.

Consider Affiliates

Did you know that you can start an affiliate program and allow people around the web to market for you? Whether you’re offering a 10 or a 50% referral rate, you can make more sales and allow others to do your advertising for you. Affiliates are not right for anyone who only makes a small percentage on their products to begin with, or for anyone with a very limited number of products or services. For businesses that aim to grow quickly, affiliate marketing can be a great idea.

From promotional clothing to email marketing, you can quickly and easily promote your business on a low budget. Purchasing clothing is usually low cost, as is purchasing software and tools to work online. Whatever you choose to do remember to dedicate time and interest to it, to consistently advertise through the same median and to try to focus on other advertising techniques as well. Focusing on social, email marketing and promotional materials at the same time might be more work, but it will offer a lot more results. 

Frankie Hughes is a writer who believes that promotional tools and advertising campaigns should be central to your business plan. If you fancy seeing how you could benefit from using promotional clothing London experts can advise you on what designs will best attract the most amount of consumers.


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