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There are few things in life more comforting and satisfying than having control over your financial future.  While today’s tough economy may make achieving job security and a solid income seem unattainable, there are several ways to go about achieving both of these.  If you are creative and hardworking, here are three ways to take more control over your career’s future:

Become an Expert

Begin by attaching yourself to a growing field.    New forms of technology are popping up all over the place and progressing their way into the daily life of Americans constantly.  Once you’ve decided on an area to focus on, learn it inside and out.  By becoming an expert in your field, you will become invaluable to whichever company you decide to work for.  Publish information and network via social media sites to make your presence known.  By doing this, you will be able to negotiate a better salary and benefits from competing employers.

Start Your Own Business

Begin by thinking about what type of business you would like to be in.  Create a business plan, and shop around for a loan.  Don’t settle on the first bank that is willing to back you, find the best rates – this is your baby after all.  This is a great path for anyone willing to work hard and who is passionate about their work.  You will retain full control of your projects, and bring home a much larger percentage of the profits as you won’t have a boss to answer to.  The only caveat here is that you take the time to research competitors, profit margin, and how long it will take to start making a profit.  Self-starter businesses require patience, but can pay off in a big way.

Invent Something

If you fancy yourself the creative type, or if you just happen to have a great idea one day for a product that could satisfy some consumer need, this is the best option for you.  Creating a product can be a very rewarding process, and can pay quite well.  Once you’ve fleshed out the initial idea and turned it over for new product development, you can watch as doors open to you.  If your product does well, you may be able to work in research and development for a big company, or possible even retire off of your royalties!

Working for a big company isn’t for everyone.  If you feel like you are capable of doing something that gives you more control of your career, follow your passion.

Jillian Johnson is a professional content marketing writer and blogger with a particular interest in writing about health and fitness.


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