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While the United States is looking to hire mostly in sales, IT, and customer service for 2013, a few other areas are hiring robustly– and keeping employees happy – in Chicago. Here we’ve listed the fastest-hiring, best-paying jobs in Chicago. We’ll even help you know where to look first when sending out your resume, thanks to a Chicago Tribune survey listing employees’ favorite companies to work for.

1. Medical Professionals

Unsurprisingly, anything in the medical field will pay the best in Chicago. What’s most encouraging for Chicago medical professionals is the extremely high job demand, which is better than or in the top three compared with other U.S. metropolitan areas for healthcare support workers like nursing aides, medical assistants, pharmacy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, dental assistants, physical therapy assistants, occupational therapy assistants, massage therapists and medical transcriptionists, and home health aides. Employment for biomedical engineers in Illinois is expected to keep growing more than any other job until at least 2018. University of Chicago & U of C Hospitals was voted (by employees) as one of the best places to work in Chicago in 2012.

2. Nerds

Work for computer science professionals and mathematicians is in highest demand, and the fields are among the fastest-growing careers in Chicago. Network systems and data analysts are in very high demand, and mathematicians are among the highest-paid professionals in the area. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Chicago falls into the top five metropolitan areas for highest employment of network administrators, computer support specialists, programmers, and computer systems analysts. Best place to work? IBM was voted one of the best places to work for computer professionals.

3. Management Pros

The Chicago Workforce Partnership lists management jobs as being second only to computer and mathematical jobs in terms of demand. In-demand management jobs are found in many fields, including marketing, sales, human resources, real estate, and food service. Staples is a well-liked place for employees.

4. Salespeople

Sales jobs abound in Chicago. Telemarketers, insurance sales agents, retail sales supervisors, and other sales reps are in just as high demand as management jobs in the area. Employees like working for Sears or Allstate.

5. Truck Drivers

With Fed Ex voted 5th-best place to work in the area – and with a growing demand for truck drivers – we can’t help but recommend driving trucks in Chicago.

Whether you’re a medical professional, computer guru, office or retail master, or jack of all trades, employment in Chicago is looking positive. With high salaries and a number of friendly employers to choose from, finding a workplace that works for you should be a breeze in the Windy City.

About the Author: Robert Cordray is a freelance writer and expert in business and finances. He has received many accolades for his work in teaching


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