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You never know when a job promotion opportunity will arise. It may come through an organizational restructuring phase, termination of employment of a previous employee in that position, or promotion of the same worker into another capacity. Promotions tend to come with added advantages such as increased wages, better benefits or working hours and a better informed decision making authority. When your management is looking for employees to promote, they look at certain things such as your tenure with the company, your work ethics and your ability to relate well with others. Below are some things you can do to increase your odds on gaining that coveted promotion:

  • Do your job as you should and go the extra mile when you can

You have probably worked at a place and found an employee who has been doing the same job for several years. Before you ask yourself why this worker has not yet been promoted, examine their work ethics. It may very well be that the company you work for has little opportunity for growth but has stable employment. But chances are that the employee that has stagnated in his career growth does just enough to get the job done but does not go the extra mile. Employers look for critical thinkers, workers that display leadership qualities and superior product or service knowledge. Your chances of landing a promotion will be greatly improved if you know your position and work hard.

When it comes to doing your job, you should make sure that you use company time wisely. Employees that are notorious for absenteeism, slow work and breaking rules, hardly get promoted. You never know when your employer is keeping track of your online activities. There may be key logger software installed on your work stations and you may not even know it. If you do the right thing not because you don’t want to get caught with your hand in the cookie jar but because it is the right thing to do, you display integrity and that seldom goes unnoticed by bosses.

  • Show grit and initiative

As earlier stated, product, service or company knowledge is not enough to land you a promotion. You must show that you have what it takes to be a leader and to handle the responsibilities that come with the new role. Identify common everyday challenges you are faced with and find solutions to them. You should also have a positive can-do attitude.

  • Be upfront

Yes! You want that promotion and are willing to do anything for it. This should not include illegal or underhanded tactics. Avoid sabotaging you competitors work so that they may be disqualified. You will only earn their distrust and disdain. If you use illegal tactics, you may face legal ramifications if you are discovered. Should you be passed over for the promotion, be civil and gracious about it. Nobody likes a sore loser and any outbursts may be viewed as immature. Chances are that if they considered you for one promotion, they may do so again in future but that may depend on how you handle the current disappointment. 

A cyber security expert at, Mr. Sheldon Lewis enjoys blogging in his free time. Though through most of his blogs he advocates the use of computer security software as one of the must have’s for every PC, on seldom basis he writes about personal and professional development.


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