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Has Twitter had any influence on how you relate to your clients? Reliable studies show that this social platform has a big impact on what your clients and everyone else in the marketplace think about your business. Even though it is the desire of every entrepreneur to use Twitter to make a business better, there is no disputing the fact that many of them end up making things worse. It is not because Twitter is bad; it is because there are many business owners who do not know how to use it to shape the thoughts of stakeholders who are critical to success.

What You Stand for

Your tweets always represent what you want you and what your organization stands for. They are always interpreted to mean that they are what you want the whole world to know. It therefore can only be expected that anything you post will be taken with the seriousness that it carries. If you thought that your business Twitters account is a platform where you can post just anything that you can think of, you are wrong. Many people have found themselves in very difficult situations just because of the messages that they tweeted.

For example, if you post the wrong information about your products and services, you can be sure that it will take a very long duration before you can change the minds of the marketplace with regards to what they saw. Before you correct it, your business will already be suffering from the consequences. These could be as serious as losing your good clients or even having to stop your business for a while. However, this can be avoided if you always ensure that you send the right messages to them and that you follow up in your subsequent tweets to know what they think about them.


In order to advance your business agenda, your tweets need to reflect professionalism. This is the only thing that will earn you respect from your clients and therefore, make them buy from you. There are people who do not understand that the speed at which a business grows depends on how well the owner relates to his clients and the efforts made to get new ones. With this regard, you can easily use Twitter to make everyone in the marketplace to know exactly what your business stands for and what you have for them.

Indeed, Twitter is a place where you can have a lot of fun as you get in touch with people who matter to you. However, you need to note that when it comes to business, things need to be done the proper way. You cannot just use your Twitter account for anything and expect that the marketplace will still think well about you. In order to avoid anything that is likely to turn the marketplace away from you, you have no other option but to use the right language, words and consistency to make them know the real image of your organization.

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Edna D. Tant is tirelessly blogging and education small businesses to adopt Twitter marketing. She affirms the method of buying Twitter followers to optimize a business’ Twitter profile.


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