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Using Magnets to Promote Your Business

In a time where internet marketing has exploded, sometimes the last thing we want to see is another email in our inboxes. Many times we hit delete before we even open it up. Why not utilize a marketing method that is tangible – something that potential clients can physically see, and touch? If you are looking for a tactic with staying power, custom-branded magnets can be a viable option.

Custom Branded Magnets

Custom-branded magnets not only look great, but are actually functional, which is something we can all appreciate. For instance, an attractive full calendar magnet placed on the refrigerator will almost guarantee that your client is going to see it regularly. This is a highly effective way to market your brand or company while providing something usable.   Now you can customize a magnet to any shape, size or industry style that fits your business best.  There are a variety of selections to choose from when deciding how to custom brand a magnet for your business.  From sports shaped magnets to van shaped magnets to pizza shaped magnets, all the options are there.

Picture Frame Magnets

Picture frame magnets are even better – they display your company’s basic information while allowing the client room to frame their favorite photo or perhaps their child’s artwork at the same time, and they offer even more longevity than a calendar that only has a set amount of usage time. There are even magnets with a “clip” on them, allowing clients to attach an important memo – again, functional and effective.

Calendar Magnets

If your company offers a visual service, for example, if you own an interior design company, then “tear-off” calendar magnets could be a great marketing solution. Each month you could feature a different photo showcasing a design idea or trick, all of which displaying your logo and company information. These magnets are interactive and eye-catching, yet are designed to take up minimal real-estate on a refrigerator or other magnetic surface.

When it comes to selecting which marketing magnets would work best you can stick to the classic rectangle shape, or you can take your customization to the next level with an array of shapes in the form of vehicles, animals, food, and even customized shapes that match your business. The more creative the magnet is, the better your chances of it standing out to clients. It just may be the perfect way to stay at the forefront of a potential client’s mind so that they can call on you when they need your services.

This article was written by Alessandra Macaluso.  Alessandra is an Author, Blogger, Writer and DIY addict who loves to share lifestyle tips and recipes on her personal blog.


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