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It is quite simple to create your website for professional or personal use. You need not hire graphic designer to perform this task. Rather, you could download a suitable website designing software. has received the highest ratings from the viewers. It is considered as one of the best builders in the present scenario. To start with, you need to register with the builder and get started. To protect your account, you could create a strong password. They will provide you the benefit of choosing design, name and modules for your site. Other features to choose include-

  • Publisher
  • Forum
  • Editor
  • Site news
  • Photo albums
  • Guestbook
  • E- shop
  • Web polls

You could easily buy this service through PayPal, debit card, credit card or any other mode of payment conveniently. The most basic package of uCoz will cost you something around $3.09 to $37.08. The packages with good features might cost you more. Once they receive your payment, they will activate all the necessary services on your website.

You could build your website at extremely affordable rates through You could buy an annual package worth $47.88. With the help of this service, you could add several effects to the text like glow, shadow and so on. Besides this, image customization is another popular feature of the service.

Is it advisable to choose Jimbdo

The JIMBDO software application provides you a blank canvas to create an attractive website. You get an opportunity to make suitable titles, templates, front pages, themes and do much more with your website. Although the builder provides you an array of features, it is quite expensive to choose. The annual charges of using it are around $96.

Moonfruit is one of the earliest builders ever available online. It provides you the option to create an attractive website for free. Squarespace and various tools and templates are the specialty of this builder.

Some of the features offered by the are enlisted below:

  • Hosting
  • 500MB disk space
  • Template
  • 500MB bandwidth

Features of other popular site builders

Other builders include, Doomby, WebEden and so on. WebEden is not preferred by a majority of users due to slow template choosing process and other drawbacks. It is quite difficult to understand the functions of this service provider.

You could build a website of about 15 pages and 20MB for free by using this builder. However, for building a lengthy site, you need to pay them EURO 25 per month. is another common builder available online. It provides you only 5GB bandwidth with 400MB disk space.

You could sign up with at an annual cost of $10. The basic drawback of this provider is that it provides very few features. Moreover, it provides about 500 or fewer characters for blog description. The worst part is that it gives only a single website module. 

This builder is not for long term use. If you are a newbie, you could gain some experience by using this application. Later, you could download uCoz or other dynamic applications for better performance. It is not able to generate more traffic to the website.

Before selecting a suitable website builder, you could have a look at the testimonials and customer reviews. Research more about the site builder and have a look at the comments of existing users. This will help you understand the benefits and features of the builder in a better way.

The latest studies have revealed that uCoz stands out in the crowd. The support team of the software will provide you step by step guide to design your website. 

Alex has written this article. I am into website development, and I have been using uCoz to create remarkable websites. You could learn more about it by visiting


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