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As the economy slowly regains its strength, more and more small businesses are cropping up in all types of industries. Whether the business is a family run hardware store or a small photography company, there are a few things that connect all small businesses. One of which is the need for solutions that allow the business to function in a more streamlined manner. 

Organizational Solutions

Whether the business is staffed by two people or twenty people, one of the keys to success is for that company to be organized.  Having an organized office space will not only make it easier to manage work, but it will also present a clean, professional image to any client who stops by. Organizational systems can be customized to fit any space they are needed in. They can be as simple as getting a filing cabinet to store all documents or getting a large desk calendar to keep track of your schedule.

Beyond using some basic tools, keeping an office space organized may take some planning. Time spent on this project in the beginning will be time saved later on when it is put into place.  Prioritizing work and creating separate spaces for projects are two ways to help keep the office from falling into disarray. For more tips and solutions on organization, check out this series of articles.

People Solutions

Once the work environment is organized and ready to be used, the next step is to organize your staff. Now if a small business only has a handful of employees or less, this is a simple task. You can split the incoming work according to the person’s strengths. 

If there are more than two people on staff, then employing some other solutions may come in handy.  First and foremost, create a schedule. You do not want to end up with a situation where you have too many people at work on one day and not enough on another. Secondly, give your employees a job description. This will help them understand what is expected of them.  Stay in contact with your staff through meetings or emails to make sure they stay on top of their work. For more information on these and other tips, check out this list.

Mailing Solutions

Beyond the office and the staff, another key aspect of organizing a business is staying on top of the mail.  If you are sending a lot, purchasing a system may be the best bet. Keep in mind, postage rates are once again on the rise for 2013. Investing in mailing solutions can save you money as well as allow your employees to devote time to more important things. 

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Chuck Stevens is an avid blogger always looking to share his experiences and recommendations. He has been a small business owner for over 7 years now. You can follow him on Twitter @chuckstevens12.


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