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Any modern business hoping to impress potential new clients will need a comprehensive range of stationery and various other printed materials. People are highly unlikely to part with their hard-earned cash if the business in question does not appear to be well-managed and professionally represented. The printing of flyers, letterheads, business cards and a myriad of other corporate materials is now simply part of business in the UK. However, people now have a stark choice to consider: do they buy their services and materials at the local print shop, or do they utilise the services of an online printing company?

Visiting Your Local Print Shop

While there is something to be gained from dealing with a shop-owner on a face-to-face basis, there is nothing a local print shop can offer that isn’t offered by online services. Most local shops are privately-owned these days, and their printing facilities are often limited to a single printer, a selection of copiers and some cutters.  In many cases, large orders will be more than a small print shop can cope with, and it may be necessary to have substantial printing jobs completed at another facility. This can hold up the process – ultimately leading to lost sales.

Most local print shops are just that – they provide printing services locally. While this may be a handy service to have on the doorstop of a business, it will not deliver bespoke solutions to meet tight deadlines. For instance, the flyer is a huge part of marketing in the UK, and most local shops will be able to take a master copy and reproduce it a few thousand times within a day. However, this won’t help a business that needs a new and eye-catching design. If flyers are required for a national campaign, there is a good chance tens of thousands will be needed – something most local shops will struggle with.

Of course, the whole world has gone digital these days, and even the smallest local shop is likely to have a limited digital printing facility. However, these shops are used to delivering small orders – often less than 1,000 copies at a time – and that can leave larger companies with a major headache. Put simply, local print shops have a place on the high street for very small orders that are needed on the same day, but what about large companies who need several thousand copies? What about large firms who want their promotional materials designed as well as printed?

 Using an Online Printing Service

One of the biggest advantages an online printing service holds over a local shop is its capacity. Shops are restricted by the size of their premises, and the latest printing equipment can take up a great deal of space. However, many online services operate from out-of-town warehouses, and that means they can deliver high volume at short notice.

The design services offered by online printers mean that businesses can create brands that stand out from the competition. Online printers have a number of templates that can be adapted to meet the needs of a specific business, and in some cases, customers can design their own materials via online design interfaces. The ability of online services to provide help and advice via specialist design staff means business-operators can keep up to date with every aspect of the printing process as it happens.

 And the Winner Is…

In situations where large companies need large-scale orders, design services and the ability to interact with the design process, online printing services are quite simply unbeatable. Although small, local businesses will always have a need for limited, same-day printing services, the flexibility and capacity of online services make them the printing destinations of the future.

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 Bio: Tom Griffiths, entrepreneur and business expert has over 15 years experience in the printing industry and is the founder of Doxdirect  – an online printing company that strives to make printing efficient and affordable for anyone with a printing requirement (brochures, booklets and pdf documents ) from SME’s to home working professionals.


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