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Call recording is a system used by businesses to ultimately increase sales and ensure customer satisfaction. This system is not only used by companies that provide call centre services to their clients, but can be incorporated into any company or organisation – particularly those that have to manage a large number of incoming and outgoing phone calls.

Benefits of Call Recording

In some specific trades such as high finance, call recording is mandatory. Once call recording software is integrated into the company’s technological applications, it is possible to use the information gathered from recorded calls in order to promote a series of improvements which may include; better customer service, more specific problem solving and faster response times.

Types of Call Recording

Recording phone calls may come in passive, active or built-in solutions. Each of these methods hold a number of differences in terms of the methods used for storage, necessary equipment, service providers and procedures to manually or automatically begin recording. Whist each of these methods have their own advantages to a business, companies usually choose to incorporate an automatic recording system for its ease of use. Furthermore, with this automatically recording software, the margin for human error is reduced as all calls will be recorded – eliminating the need for an employee to actively begin the recording process.

Whichever may be the implemented method, the final purpose is to provide data on the client’s needs, previous history and expectations. This information is crucial in order to guarantee the customer’s satisfaction and, therefore, to retain thier business.

Using Call Recording for Training Purposes

Call recording is also a fundamental tool when monitoring how a company representative or employee handles a call. By using the recorded data in training workshops or performance reviews, these recorded phone calls can be useful to provide real examples of good and bad practice. In turn, this can help to build a higher quality standard for the company and, therefore, increase customer satisfaction.

Analysing recorded data may offer the necessary enlightenment for upgrading procedures and it may also generate sales guiding topics. By implementing the necessary changes in service as highlighted by call recording, a business is able to see immediate changes such as increased customer satisfaction by efficiently identifying their needs and, therefore, providing the information or solution at a more efficient rate.

Furthermore, this software may also allow a company to further analyse the specific cases where its communication could be improved and conciliate response types with the costumer’s frequently asked questions, speeding up procedures.


Scheduled Phone Calls

With an implemented real time call alert system, co-workers are informed when it is time for urgent or scheduled phone calls. Moreover, there are features that integrate caller ID with data stored in the computer, allowing a business or employee to have full access to the clients’ profile during the entire call, which will result in a more understanding, effective response and higher proximity levels. 

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Search Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK.


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