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In order for you to want to go to work you would have to feel like you are working in a great workplace. Robert Levering, Co-Founder, Great Place to Work says, “A great place to work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with.”  So here is a list of some great places to work that make you want to go to work in 2013.

1.   SAS Institute.

Why: The CEO hosts informal meetings over coffee with employees to discuss any topics they bring to the table.

2.   Google.

Why: Google’s “CareerGuru” program matches Google executives with Google employees to provide confidential, one-on-one career coaching and guidance around the subjects of work-life balance, personal and professional development, communication styles, and conflict resolution, among others.

3.   NetAPP.

Why: They have monthly TOAST – Training On All Special Things for new employees. This is where new employees are introduced to management, business objectives, culture and values.

4.   Kimberly-Clark.

Why: Before their first days, new hires at Kimberly-Clark receive a welcome package in the mail that contains information about the job and company, an email from their “Godfather,” or mentor, and a key, symbolic of opening “the door of the Best Company.”

5.   Microsoft

Why: Microsoft started the DigiGirlz program in 2000 to encourage more women to pursue jobs in the technology.

6.   Marriott.

Why: Marriott Hotel managers hold small group sessions with their subordinates to discuss issues like saving for retirement or getting a car loan.

7.   FedEx.

Why: During natural disasters FedEx uses its global reach and relationships with humanitarian agencies to assist with the service of emergency relief agencies.

8.   W.L Gore & Associates

Why: Every associate has a sponsor who coaches, mentors and commits to helping assist that person to succeed.

9.   Diageo.

Why: The company and its employees participate in events and fundraisers to help the less privileged. This is in line with their philosophy to celebrate life every day, everywhere.

10.   Autodesk.

Why: Autodesk provides eligible employees with 6 weeks of paid time off every 4 years on top of vacation and holidays.

According to Robert Levering, the above companies and more have developed work cultures that align with their business, encourage innovation and support their employees both personally and professionally, and that accomplishment deserves to be recognized. That should certainly make you want to go to work.


Tatenda Makayi heads up the online public relations department at Karma Digital, a South African digital agency specialising in EpiServer Developement.


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