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Bad reviews online have brought many businesses to ruin. When a business gets a bad review, it is possible to recover, especially if they’ve been carefully monitoring their online reputation and taking steps to be proactive in managing that reputation. Some businesses, however, are unprepared to deal with bad reviews – whether genuine or fraudulent from competitors – and they can lose a great deal of business because of it. In today’s age, a good online reputation is as good as gold.

When you’re online reputation improves, whether it be the results of good reviews, a successful marketing campaign, or otherwise, it’s important to celebrate and keep up that positive momentum. Your employees should be rewarded for the good reputation of your company, and here’s why it’s a good idea for helping your company improve even more.

A Positive Employee Atmosphere

When employees are praised or rewarded for their good work, it creates a positive atmosphere at work that encourages them and lets them know that their work is appreciated. When your online reputation improves, it’s important to reward all your employees, even if they were not directly involved in the reputation boost. All of your employees are integral in the success and daily operations of your business, and therefore it is their good work that’s helped maintain a business worthy of online praise. All employees should be recognized for their efforts to make the company what it is, and a positive atmosphere will only increase productivity and quality.

Prevention of Reputation Damage

When your online reputation improves, you understand that it’s a delicate thing. Your reputation can easily be damaged by poor reviews or negative conversation about your business online. Because of this, you want to do whatever you can to prevent the spread of negativity about your company. Employees are a big part of this, because they can easily be the cause of reputation damage online. If you praise them for their good work, it will help keep them positive. Disgruntled employees who don’t feel appreciated aren’t going to take a lot of pride in their jobs, and as a result they may cause damage, such as inspiring the negative review of an upset customer.

Continuing to Improve

It’s important to keep up the momentum when your employees are doing good things. As your online reputation improves, you praise and reward your employees. By being praised and rewarded, your employees are more motivated to continue doing their jobs well, or doing them better. As your employees improve their work, your company gets an even more positive reputation. A cycle that can’t happen if you don’t give your employees the credit they deserve.

Good employees and a good online reputation are two things that are essential to running a successful business, and they go hand-in-hand. You simply can’t have one without the other, and rewarding your employees for a job well done is equivalent to boosting the success and profits of your business.

Garrett Payne is an online review management professional and freelance writer. Garrett consults with business owners on the best methods for them to track online reviews and extend customer service to prevent negative results to local searches.


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